Engineering & Integration Services include Pre & post sale Project Engineering, Design & Management; Installation, Integration, Activation & Training; with Multi-Vendor Multi-Technology product & network support, required in advanced HFC, RFOG & DSL through FTTH, IPTV & Video over DOCSIS to Over the Top - (Video over Internet) & Multi-Screen video networks.

Fractional Engineering Services - When there’s too much on your plate and not enough hours in the day! Let us help you with a customized package of engineering hours you can use over an extended period of time, either remote or on-site, to compliment your current or future work-load.

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Engineering & Integration Client Services

If you need to grow your business - and your revenue – let’s talk about the Knowledge, Assets & Client Services only a true partner can deliver! From H-F-C & R-FOG to I-P-T-V; from Video over DOCSIS to Multi-Screen OTT; Mega Hertz best-in-class Client Services will meet your goals while exceeding your expectations.

Equipped with the knowledge from their cable engineering & operations background, you can count on our Engineering Team. They understand your challenges because they have been in your shoes.

Our "Engineering & Integration" Team can support you with pre & post sale Engineering, Project Design & Management, Installation, Activation & Training, as well as, Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology product & network support. Our Integrated Services Team has completed projects for major MSO's and independents alike (Cable, Telco, Utility & Muni).

Their knowledge & talents are "Assets" you can use to stay ahead of the game!

In addition, when there's too much on your plate, not enough hours in your day or your Engineering staff is stretched too thin, let’s talk about a customized package of remote "Fractional Engineering" hours that you can use over an extended period of time to compliment your engineering work-load. So, when you need DOCSIS, MPEG, IP, RF or Optical resources to support the planning or operation of the Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology products deployed in your HFC or FTTx network, let us help offset your temporary burden.

Our extensive 40+ year history in the Service Provider market, our national footprint and expertise in DOCSIS, MPEG, IP, RF & Optical technologies, ensures MHz is the Partner you can count-on!

For more information about Client Services provided by Mega Hertz, please contact us at 800-883-8839


Antenna Survey

Complete this Antenna Survey and we will calculate a list of your recommended antennas for your desired broadcast stations available based upon the approximate signal level and direction of the desired stations.

Engineering & Integration Client Services