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High Density Optical Transmitter


The Cisco Prisma II line of optical network transmission products is an advanced system designed to help optimize network architecture and increase reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. The 1310 nm high-density transmitters (HDTx) are designed for use in the standard* Prisma II or the Prisma II XD chassis containing standard power supplies and fan trays. The ability to mix high-density transmitter modules with other Prisma II modules in the same chassis greatly enhances the flexibility of the platform. Up to 26 transmitters can operate in a standard 6-rack-unit (6RU) Prisma II chassis, effectively doubling the density for 1310 nm transmitters in that chassis. Up to 16 HDTx modules fit in the Prisma II XD chassis for even higher density. The transmitters have a 1.2 GHz passband to permit the inclusion of high-order modulation types consistent with DOCSIS 3.1 advances. Microprocessor control allows ease of installation and flexibility of application. The transmitters are offered in two performance levels and a range of output powers from 3 to 15 dBm.


  • High-density design allows up to 26 transmitters in a Prisma II Chassis.
  • Energy-efficient design with lowest power consumption per transmitter
  • 1 GHz or 1.2 GHz RF passband to increase bandwidth capacity for new services
  • Compatibility with current Prisma II Chassis, power supply, and fan tray
  • Precise optical power levels that enable superior link optimization and lower spare requirements
  • Advanced pre-distortion circuitry, which improves cost-to-performance ratio
  • Nonvolatile storage of preset operating parameters, which simplifies installation procedures
  • Simple plug-and-play operation, so no user configuration is required
  • Dual RF inputs for broadcast video and new media (narrowcast) service tiers
  • Blind-mate (push-on) RF and DC connectors
  • RF input test point
  • User-selectable Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Multiple setup and control options:
    – Local control through Cisco Local Craft Interface (LCI)
    – Local monitoring through Cisco Prisma II Intelligent Communications Interface Module (ICIM)
    – Remote monitoring through Cisco ROSA element manager or TNCS status monitoring and control element manager
  • Master and slave redundancy

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