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EDGE QAM/D3.1 Redundancy Switching

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With the deployment of Edge QAM Technology and DOCSIS 3.1 platform for the distribution & delivery of digital Broadcast and Narrowcast feeds in HUB sites, Tekron is now offering dedicated models (RMS-4EQ & RMS-4EQT) for a complete Monitoring, Alarm & Redundancy of Broadcast Edge QAM channel feed and Narrowcast (DOCSIS 3.1) feed, for the protection of the CATV distribution system critical infrastructure services (VOD, SDV, Internet, Telephony, …etc).

The RMS-4EQ monitors the combined Edge QAM channels output level, to detect individual QAM channel failure, as well as RF-Pilot channel(s) and the feed RF-Broadband power level for redundancy switching to a backup input receiving identical QAM channel alignment.

The RMS-4EQT provides same Redundancy to Edge QAM-channel feed as above model, but it incorporates a second redundant switch that monitors and provide redundancy to DOCSIS 3.1 Narrowcast RF-feed.


  • RMS-4EQ is designed to monitor Edge QAM Broadcast feed & QAM-channels individually in feed, including RF-Pilot channels to provide redundancy and protection.
  • RMS-4EQT is designed to monitor and provide redundancy to the Narrowcast feed, in addition to Broadcast feed redundancy.
  • The switch backup input feed carries identical Edge QAM channel alignment or Services. The backup input is independently monitored for alarm and to prevent blind switching.
  • Remote setting from Web-GUI of active QAM Channel in Broadcast input feed, and RF-Pilot channel(s) identified that will cause switch-over in event of their failure on the main input.
  • Wide RF-level operating range, with remote switch parameter settings that add flexibility to adapt the RMS to suit different environments.
  • Remote status monitoring, alarm and switch manual override/control are accessible over TCP/IP Networks via SNMP protocol and from Web-GUI (embedded Web-server), with automatic alarm via snmptrap & Email.

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