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APA Cables & Networks (APACN) merges its fiber connectivity expertise with a modular line of OSP cabinets to offer a unique FTTP distribution solution. Each Fiber Scalability Center utilizes field-tested designs to maximize bend radius protection, connector access, ease of cable routing and physical protection. Most importantly, APACN’s Fiber Scalability Center (FSC) allows for “grow-as-you-go” cost containment. Unique to the system is its easy installation and upgradeability, allowing companies to rollout FTTP services without a large initial expense. Modular 12-port cassettes in the distribution bulk head, featuring the company’s unique slide-out “Valet Parking Lot” design, provide for easy identification and protection of jumper cables and the ability to scale splitter capacity as demand requires.


  • Designed for easy installation and upgradeability
  • Field-tested designs to maximize bend radius protection, connector access, ease of cable routing and physical protection
  • Engineered to allow for FTTP rollout without a large initial expense – Grow As You Go
  • Fast and cost effective installation into the current FTTP infrastructure
  • Modular and scalable for ease of expansion and customer add-ons
  • Cabinet size up to 576 homes for all FTTP environments
  • GR-487 certified to assure ruggedized construction for harsh OSP environments
  • Integrated cable management guides offer superior route diversity and bend radius protection
  • Innovative “self-routing” transportation tubing for the distribution splice saves installation time
  • Each splitter module supports (1) 1×32, (2) 1×16 or (4) 1×8 splitter modules while maintaining same maximum fiber count in same footprint
  • Same part number for splitter modules across the FSC metallic platform reducing stocking needs
  • RUS Listed
  • Splitter modules can be added incrementally, providing lower start up costs for “grow-as-you-go” cost control
  • Baked enamel finish for long-lasting environmental protection
  • Key locks on both front and rear doors to prevent unauthorized entry
  • All terminations are 100% tested for insertion loss and reflectance and are batch tested with an interferometer for end-face geometry to assure network stability
  • Front and rear doors provide unobstructed access to all fiber splitters and connectors
  • “Valet Parking Lot” – “One-touch” design to eliminate unnecessary handling of fiber jumpers and for quick turn-on of revenue generating lines
  • “Expressway” – Designated feeder fiber adapters allow for patching splitter input pigtails to feeder fiber port on front of cabinet allowing for greater flexibility in use and easy testing

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