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FTTB Optical Receiver/Node, 47-862 MHz


The Maxcom MX-555-AGC-R FTTH CATV optical receiver, with a bandwidth of 47-862MHz, and an AGC function, will provide a typical output level 28 dBmV +or-1.0dB when the input optical receive power is +2 to -7dBm, Receiver is generally used in FTTH applications, for residential and business applications. Works well for Schools, Hospitality and Government applications. As an RF/ Cable TV optical receiver unit, it provides a high index, and low power consumption and good performance at a very low cost.


  • Extra low noise(3.8% modulate,-8dBm receiving, CNR≥45dB)
  • Receiving optical power within +2dBm to -10dBm, with excellent linearity
  • High performance ALC(ΔVo≤1.0dB , Pin=+2 to -7dBm)
  • Within 47-862MHz bandwidth, all with excellent flatness feature FL≤+or-1.0dB)
  • Metal case, offers protection for optoelectronic sensitive devices
  • Low power consumption, high performance, high cost performance

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