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Optical Amplifiers


The Prisma II optical network is an advanced transmission system designed to enhance network architectures and increase reliability, scalability, and cost effectiveness. The Prisma II Optical Amplifiers offer a wide range of configurations and output powers for outstanding network architectural flexibility.

Pre-Amplifier Modules

The pre-amplifier module amplifies the optical signal and outputs the high optical power level required at the post-amplifier input. The pre-amplifier modules are available with 1, 2, or 9 output ports at 19 dBm per port. All modules are configured with SC/APC optical connectors. The 1 and 2 port versions are single-wide modules, and the 9 port version is available as a double-wide or triple-wide module. While normally used in a temperature controlled headend or CO environment, the single- and triple-wide pre-amplifiers are temperature hardened for use in applications with less temperature control.

Post-Amplifier Modules

The post-amplifier module is directly fed by the pre-amplifier module and outputs the high optical power level required to feed the Passive Optical Network (PON). There are two main types of post-amplifiers, double-wide and single-wide.

The double-wide post-amplifier module is normally used in a temperature controlled Headend or CO environment. The double-wide post-amplifier module is available in a variety of output port counts (8 to 24 ports). These modules are configured with high density LC/APC optical connectors.

The single-wide post-amplifier module is temperature hardened for use in applications having less temperature control than a headend or CO environment. The single-wide post-amplifier modules have 4 output ports at 17, 18.5, and 19.5 dBm per port, and are configured with SC/APC optical connectors.


  • Designed to operate within the NEBS certified Prisma II platform
  • Configurable amplifier system with one pre-amplifier; added amplifier modules provide ultra-high output power potential
  • Nonvolatile storage of preset operating parameters simplifies installation procedures
  • Remove software download via Intelligent Communications Interface Module (ICIM)
  • Optical test port
  • Multiple setup and control options via ICIM
    – Local monitoring via ICIM front panel
    – Remote monitoring via Transmission Network Control System (TNCS) or SNMP
    – User defined input alarm levels

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