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Clearfield® delivers unparalleled fiber performance with its WaveSmart optical components – custom built for the unique light requirements and interoperability needs of passive optical network splitting, fiber exhaust scenarios and coarse and dense division multiplexing. Key to the success of a fiber deployment is the performance and precision of the optical components deployed in the inside and outside plant environment. These products are custom built to your unique split ratios, wavelength requirements and interoperability needs. Clearfield leads the way with WaveSmart optical component technologies for PON splitting, wavelength division multiplexing and optical circulators. These products are custom built to your unique split ratios, wavelength requirements and interoperability needs.

Clearfield’s expertise in the termination of fiber ensures these components are connectorized to optimize their performance potential. Teamed with Clearfield’s experience in bend radius protection, the optimal packaging for these components is found within all Clearview® Cassettes. In addition, Clearfield provides modular optical components packaging within an LGX footprint as well as other space saving chassis enclosures and custom discrete packages.
Specializing in the manufacturing, termination and packaging of optical components for custom-built configurations, our rapid turn-around time consistently beats the lead time quoted by our competitors for standard and custom configuration. Clearfield’s design experts can consult with you on your optical component needs and specify a product line to solve your application requirements.

By utilizing fiber optic splitters and wave division multiplexing, Clearfield’s WaveSmart optical components will save money while increasing your network’s capacity and bandwidth by creating virtual fiber without the expense of design, construction and deployment of more fiber optic cables. Splitting the light signal or separating multiple wavelengths over a single fiber allows you to increase the number of pathways within your existing fiber cable network reducing upgrade or new deployment costs. Combining Clearfield’s WaveSmart products with the FieldSmart®, CraftSmart® and FieldShield® product lines, we can provide you a solution for all your applications.


  • HD Splitter
  • Ruggedized Splitter
  • Optical Splitters
  • Circulators
  • Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM)
  • VOA & Patch Cord Splitter
  • 1/2 Wide LGX Modular Optical Components
  • Build-Out Attenuators

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To grow your business – and your revenue – operators want the Knowledge, Assets and impartial technical guidance only a true Partner can deliver! From HFC and DOCSIS to x-PHYTM; from FTTx – GPON and RFoG to IPTV; from Linear Video to Multi-Screen; MHz best-in-class Technologies and Client Services will meet your goals while exceeding your expectations…

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Too much on your plate?
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The next time you need, Linear Video or Multi-Screen, MPEG, DOCSIS or x-PHYTM, IP or RF resources to support the operation of Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology products deployed in your HFC or FTTx network, MHz can help!

Choose from a customized package of remote “Fractional Engineering” hours you can use over an extended period of time; or our on-site Integration and Activation Services.

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