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IP Core Monitoring Probe -MPEGoIP Monitoring


The VB20 provides the ability to continuously monitor 260 services for critical measurements. This makes the portable VB20 invaluable for field use. Its ruggedized exterior and fan-less design make this probe the perfect fault-finding tool for the field engineer. With full support for both the MPEG2 TS and MFRTP encapsulation standards and all current codecs, the VB20 is the tool of choice.


  • 10/100/1000-T RJ45 Management & Video ports
  • SFP GigE video port
  • 75 ohm BNC ASI input port
  • USB Type-A connector for initial set
  • Parallel and continuous monitoring of up to 260 IP unicasts/multicasts according to ETSI TS 102 034:
    > Monitor current/min/max UDP payload bitrate
    > Monitor current/min/max TS payload not counting NULL TS packets
    > Count number of IP packets
    > Source/destination IP address
    > Type-of-Service field (TOS/DSCP)
    > Time-to-Live field (TTL)
    > VLAN ID, if appropriate
    > Max/min/average IP packet Inter-Arrival time (IAT) for jitter analysis
    > TS Sync & Continuity Counter errors
    > Media Loss Rate – number of TS packets lost
    > Delay Factor – time between IP frames
    > Source/destination MAC address
    > RTP dropped/duplicate/out-of-order packets
    > RTP max/min hole size, hole separation
    > Forward Error Correction analysis (MPTE 2022 / COP3)
  • MediaWindow visualization technology for trending packet loss, bandwidth and jitter over up to 4 days
  • Thumbnail decoding of uni/multicast IP transport streams with audio bars and metadata
  • Full Service Monitoring of up to 10 network devices via built-in ICMP and HTTP query agents
  • Framework called RDP for relaying any IP multicast monitored to a different IP destination for further analysis
  • Functionality for record 200MB of the whole or parts of any transport stream monitored (RDP framework)
  • Automatic record trigger based on up to 3 configured alarm criteria with pre fill in order to catch fault
  • Framework for automatic detection of present multicast/unicast streams
  • Protocol hierarchy view with bandwidth and packet count statistics for video interface
  • IGMPv2/v3 protocol logging and analysis framework
  • Flexible template based alarming system to allow custom configuration of what parameters result in an alarm being generated on a per-TS level
  • History graphs from last 4 days of NoSignal, CC-errors, RTP-drops, RTP-duplicates, RTP Out-of-order, Total interface bitrate, Monitored bitrate, Ethernet CRC frame errors
  • One ETR290 engine automatically activated per RF/ASI input port on interface modules
  • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging support
  • Microsoft mediaRoom X-bit RTP header extension support
  • Alarm on changes to TOS/DSCP and TTL for detection of changes in network prioritization
  • Time loss distance measurements according to RFC3357
  • Alarm forwarding to 3rd party systems via SNMP TRAP via up to 3 unique destinations
  • NTP client time synchronization according to RFC2030
  • DHCP client support on management and video ports according to RFC2131
  • Easy web-based software and license upgrade
  • XML-based configuration save and retrieval via web

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