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The Maxcom Fiber Tap (M-TAP) is a portable optical test tool designed to minimize customer downtime.

Created because Maxcom listens. Technicians have told us they need a way to minimize customer downtime.

Maxcom understands that there are simply times when the system must be interrupted to perform troubleshooting or testing. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the night or the maintenance window, every effort must be made in today’s world to lower the impact or downtime to costumers. The Maxcom M-TAP solves this issue and provides the technician with the tools needed to minimize the impact while allowing the technician to perform his job in maintaining the reliability and performance of the network. The M-TAP allows the technician to access and passively test/monitor fiber traffic between devices using network analysis tools. The M-TAP takes only a few seconds to connect.

The Maxcom Fiber Taps provide an easy method to rapidly and effectively use analysis tools to observe and monitor traffic non-intrusively between two devices on a fiber network. By design, fiber taps are totally passive, fault-tolerant, and invisible to the network which means they will not affect network performance or integrity and can be trusted for permanent installations on a fiber network. These dependable and solid devices are ideal for real-time monitoring and analysis of any traffic between critical network devices such Headend/Hub equipment, Fiber Nodes, switches, and other optical transport devices.


Monitoring & Analysis
• Minimize customer downtime (takes only a few seconds to connect)
• Non-intrusive way to connect a network tool or test receiver
• Captures and delivers a copy of the signal to any analysis tool / receiver
• Best method to measure network link’s performance
• Great for network analysis and troubleshooting, provides the technician
with as much time as necessary to thoroughly test or monitor a signal
• Minimize traffic interruptions.
• Network Monitoring, Analysis and Performance testing
• Secure & Reliable
• Passive access means no interference of signal/network traffic
• Network traffic will continue to pass uninterrupted
Excellent Compatibility
• Singlemode model support both RF over Fiber and/or Data
• Supports multiple topologies: RF, 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G Ethernet,
• Simple installation • Plug and play
• No power required
• Protective spring-loaded connector covers (door flanges)
• Small, durable impact resistant portable design

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