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Optical, Ethernet – MultiService Tester

Part Number:
FTB-700G V2



The ongoing transition towards a converged network infrastructure for optical, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fiber Channel and packet based Ethernet services requires a test tool that can cover a wide range of interfaces and rates without sacrificing portability, speed or cost. Leveraging the powerful FTB-1 handheld platform, the FTB-700G V2 Series streamlines processes and empowers field technicians to efficiently test and validate optical networks, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fiber Channel, CPRI and Ethernet circuits.



  • Dual-port testing up to 10G
  • iSAM ultra-simple multiservice activation
  • 10G multisession transmission-control-protocol (TCP) testing with bidirectional RFC 6349
  • Power-over-Ethernet validation within cable test
  • EtherSAM, RFC 2544, traffic generation and monitoring, EtherBERT, Through Mode, TCP throughput and Smart Loopback
  • Packet synchronization including IEEE 1588 V2 precision time protocol (PTP) and SyncE
  • Packet capture and advanced filtering up to 10G
  • Fiber Channel 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 10x support
  • OTN testing OTU-1/2, OTU-1e/2e
  • Optical SONET and SDH testing up to 10G
  • Electrical SONET and SDH testing
  • DSn and PDH testing including ISDN PRI
  • iOptics-intelligent pluggable optics test application for fast validation of an optical device, with minimal configuration


  • Integrated tool combining an OTDR, inspection probe, visual fault locator, broadband power meter and a CW source mode
  • iOLM-ready: intelligent multiple acquisitions at multiple wavelengths with clear go/no-go results presented in a straightforward visual format
  • iOLM minimizes training and avoids misconfiguration thanks to automatic parameter settings
  • 100% automated, one-step connector inspection process
  • Completely wireless, self-powered inspection probe for connector endface inspection
  • 18 CWDM channels or C-Band ITU DWDM grid channels 17-62 from single OTDR port for single-ended construction, in-service testing and troubleshooting through MUX/DEMUX/OADM

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