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Broadband RF Redundancy Switch, 2×1

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The RSS-2R is a Broadband Automatic Switch, designed for the redundancy of CATV feeds in Headend and Hub sites. It monitors the RF Broadband feeds of the main and backup input feeds for automatic switchover to the backup input when the RF level of the main feed drops below its threshold setting, with automatic return on signal restoration.

The RSS-2R automatic switch covers a wide input RF level range and thus can be used to monitor feeds before or after Broadband amplifiers after Fiber receiver, or monitor a single TV channel in the 5 MHz to 1GHz CATV Band. It is designed for continuous and independent monitoring of both main and backup Broadband level inputs and will only switch to the backup input feed when the RF level of that input is above its threshold setting. The RSS-2R incorporates front-panel switch override capability as well as indication of switch position & level status. An Ethernet/IP port is available for remote monitoring, alarm and control of the RSS station via SNMP protocol & Web-page. A serial port is also available for connection to modem for dial-up DTMF-tone (phone) switch control in emergency situations. The remote control of the switch overrides in this case, the RSS switch automatic operation as well as the front panel toggle switch. Optional special back-chassis terminal connections can be added for local monitoring and switch control via contact closure.


  • Fail-safe during power loss: On power loss to the unit, the RSS-2R will pass the main input Broadband feed.
  • Internal RF Termination: Unselected input is internally 75-ohm terminated.
  • Automatic Switching: Backup input is monitored to prevent blind switching to that input and to send alarms when its level drops below the Threshold setting.
  • Local status & control: Front panel toggle switch to override and manually control the switch. Separate LED indicate each of the main & backup input status, switch position and switching (automatic or manual) mode.
  • Remote Status & Control: Remote status monitoring, alarm and switch manual control over TCP/IP Networks with SNMP protocol and from the (embedded Web-server) Web-page. Optional back-chassis relay & contact closure are can be installed to provide status (1-formC relay) and switch control via contact closure and interface with existing Telemetry system at the site, and DB-9 for dial-in DTMF phone switch control with external modem.
  • NEGATIVE 48Volt Supply: Optional NEG 48V-DC internal supply available.

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