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Remote PHY Shelf (RPS)


The Harmonic CableOS® Wave-1 Remote PHY Shelf (RPS) is a 1-RU indoor platform for networks tasked with delivering data, voice and video services over coax.
Compact and cost-effective, the Wave-1 RPS houses the CableOS Pebble-1WV Remote PHY device (RPD), which supports distributed access architectures defined by CableLabs MHAv2 specification. Three Pebble-1WV RPDs can be installed in a single Wave-1 chassis.
Wave-1 and Pebble-1WV are both part of the Harmonic CableOS software-based CCAP system, which also includes CableOS Core CMTS software, the NSG™ Pro cable access platform and Ripple-1 Remote PHY Node. Fundamentally changing the business dynamics of cable delivery, CableOS introduces cable operators to unprecedented scalability, agility and cost savings. The end-to-end solution supports centralized and distributed cable access architectures that enable the fast deployment of IP-based and legacy data, video, and voice services — and sustainable capacity growth. All CableOS components work together to resolve space and power constraints in the headend and hub, eliminate dependence on hardware upgrade cycles, and provide multi-dimensional scaling.
Multiple configurations of the Wave-1 using one, two or three Pebble-1WV RPDs are available, each with one downstream and one or two upstream ports. The Pebble-1WV RPD includes added features such as per-port RF output power monitoring and closed-loop output power control, allowing for temperature-insensitive gain and tilt stability.


  • 1-RU platform with
    −        Single power supply and up to three Pebble-1WV RPDs or
    −        Dual power supplies and up to two Pebble-1WV RPDs
  • 300mm deep (not including RF F-type connectors)
  • AC or DC power supply with option for dual redundant power supplies
  • Modular design
  • Low power consumption (less that 130W for fully configured platform)
  • Supports up to 1218 MHz forward and 204 MHz return bandwidth on each RPD
  • Configurable forward gain and tilt, closed-loop output RF power control
  • Fully compliant with the CableLabs MHAv2 specification for Remote PHY architectures
  • Two 10-GbE SFP+ Ports
  • One DS port and one or two US ports per module
  • Superior RF performance, compliant with DOCSIS DRFI Annex D and 3.1 PHY
  • Precision IEEE 1588 PTP synchronization
  • Support for DOCSIS 3.1 PNM
  • Remote control via CableOS CLI

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