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The Cisco RF Gateway 1 is a standards-based universal edge QAM (U-EQAM) solution for convergence of high-speed and high-bandwidth data and video distribution at the edge of the cable access network. The Cisco RF Gateway 1 offers leading edge density, modularity, and flexibility with support for Switched Digital Video (SDV), VoD, Broadcast Video, and DOCSIS 3.0/Modular CMTS (M-CMTS) all on a single QAM platform.

The Cisco RF Gateway 1 provides higher density (up to 96 QAMs per RU), improved reliability, superior RF performance, 1 GHz RF output, and DOCSIS 3.0/M-CMTS capability. It is fully integrated and tested as part of the Cisco Digital Broadband Delivery System (DBDS) and the Cisco uBR10012 M-CMTS solution, accelerating the deployment and easing the management of digital video and DOCSIS services. The Cisco RF Gateway 1 enables the converged next generation cable access network by offering comprehensive video and DOCSIS functions in a single U-EQAM platform.


  • True U-EQAM video (broadcast, SDV, SD/HD, MPEG-2, AVC) and high speed data
  • (M-CMTS/DTI, DOCSIS 3.0) in 1 RU form factor
  • Table-based or session-based video functionality
  • Optional on-board Encryption: DVB SimulCrypt and PowerKEY SKS
  • Utilizes Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) QAM technology which allows superior RF performance and stability
  • 96 configurable QAM channels; each of which is fully agile 45-1000 MHz
  • RF performance typically meets or exceeds CableLabs DRFI specification CM-SP-DRFI
  • Modular, hot-swappable, and Auto-configurable QAM cards
  • Support for up to 2048 streams in 1 RU
  • Fully redundant design with redundant Gigabit Ethernet ports and power supplies (AC/AC, AC/DC, or DC/DC)
  • Front-to-back airflow to allow self-cooling and stacking
  • Compliance with ITU-T J.83 standard, Annex A (DVB), Annex B (ATSC), or Annex C (Japan)
  • Internet Group Management Protocol Version 3 (IGMPv3) support
  • Low power consumption per QAM
    Four or eight QAM channels per RF port available – independent of channel bandwidth (6, 7, and 8 MHz)
  • Fully SNMP compliant

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