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Software Based CCAP Solution

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Running on a 1-RU server, cOS® Core cable modem termination system (CMTS) software powers the Harmonic cOS virtualized cable access solution.

Featuring the industry’s first software-based CMTS, the first end-to-end Remote PHY system, and leading RF port density, the end-to-end cOS solution provides cable operators with unprecedented scalability, agility and cost savings. cOS Core software serves as the heart of the solution, performing all CMTS functions, including common control, management and forwarding of IP traffic across the cable access network. The high-performance software is capable of processing tens of gigs of capacity per rack unit. All DOCSIS-related applications, such as DSG and PacketCable, are supported, as are IPv4 and IPv6 services.

cOS Core software runs on an Intel® x86 server to provide the advantages associated with IT economics and Moore’s Law. With cOS, operators no longer need to purchase space-consuming and expensive hardware-based CMTS platforms, and can break away from the cycle of needing to upgrade hardware every three years to accommodate capacity growth requirements. Regular cOS software upgrades accelerate the introduction of new features, including high-layer DOCSIS 3.1 capabilities, and capacity is gained simply by adding new 1-RU servers. cOS also aligns with industry virtualization initiatives, enabling greater operational elasticity and orchestration.


• Sustainable capacity growth over the long term
• End-to-end support for centralized and distributed architectures
• Enables the migration to multi-gigabit broadband capacity
• Resolves space and power constraints in the headend and hub
• Supports fast deployment of new IPbased data, video and voice services
• Leverages latest technology innovations, including full-spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 and NFV
• Eliminates the need for hardware upgrade cycles
• Easily scales from a small deployment to one with many tens of service groups
• Provides high availability
• Field-proven solution deployed globally across a variety of footprints with thousands of RPDs connected and millions of connected devices

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