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Satellite Receiver, IRD


WEGENER’s Unity 4600 is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional media networks. The Unity 4600 has both analog and digital outputs built in, enabling you to deploy one common IRD to both analog and digital affiliates. The digital output is DVB ASI. It is equipped with two stereo audio pairs, in both MPEG layer 2 and Dolby Digital formats.

Digital Flexibility:

COMPEL Control lets you enable programs and change the program mapping of the ASI output. Multiple program decrypt enables the Unity 4600 to look at the entire program stream, then decrypt and pass only the programs authorized for that receiver as a digital ASI output. Programs not selected are overwritten with null packets. This advanced digital capability provides maximum flexibility in controlling your program distribution.


  • Used for AXS-TV
  • 4 Port RF Switch
  • DVB-S2 Modulation
  • ASI Input
  • Digital Audio Outputs
  • Dolby Digital Pass Through
  • 14-Relay Expansion Card
  • International Power

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