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Antennas & Pre-amplifiers

VHF Single Channel & Log Periodic

Tubular Aluminum Antenna with center mount
Part Number: J55-*, J105-*, J55-LO & J105-HI

These economically priced yagi antennas are available in both cut-to-frequency and broadband models. All J-Series antennas feature a sealed, capacitor-tuned gamma match network for optimum signal transfer.

All J-Series antennas are available with the optional Wade Cantilever Mount.

* Specify Channel

J55-* (Single Channel, 2 to FM), Gain 10dBi

J105-* (Single Channel, 7 to 13), Gain 12.5dBi

J55-LO (Log Periodic, Broadband 2 to FM), Gain 10dBi

J105-HI (Log Periodic, Broadband 7 to 13), Gain 10.5

75 ohm Impedence

F Connector Output

Center Mount Standard on All Models