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(Analog; QAM)

Multiplexing QAM Modulator

MQM6000L Rack Mount Chassis
Part Number: MQM6000L

The model, MQM6000L is a professional quality, multiplexing QAM modulator that receives up to six multiprogram transport streams via six BNC, ASI inputs. When six streams are input, the MQM6000L then multiplexes one program from each input and applies the result to the QAM modulator and upconverter for output.

A program filter is provided to allow selection of the one desired program from each input. Other programs in the incoming streams are dropped.

The MQM6000L offers a +40 DBMV output upconverter with phase noise reduced to a level that is compatible with QAM modes up through 124QAM.

The MQM6000L can be used with the Drake Digital Headend Remote Control Software, version to be announced, for setting up the program filtering, remote controlling, or remote monitoring of operating parameters. This program can also be used to download new firmware into the unit if that ever becomes desirable.

Program Filtering
A "Select Program" function is provided to allow the operator to select which MPEG program present on each of the six input streams is to be included in the output multiplex.

PSIP Options
The MQM6000L can be set to process PSIP information from all six sources and rewrite tables containing combined PSIP information, or in cases where the off-air broadcast channels may not be transmitting some or all of the tables, it can be set to ignore and discard the PSIP tables completely, or it can be set to generate MGT and VCT tables without EIT tables. Null packet processing is applied as necessary to keep the output data rate at the desired setting. PCR correction is performed when necessary.

The built-in agile upconverter provides +40DBMV output. The MQM6000L operates in a fixed output clock mode and processes null packets when required to maintain the set fixed clock rate. PCR correction is included.