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Pilot Carrier Redundancy

Dual RF-Pilot Channel Automatic Switch

Part Number: RMS-2RC

The RMS-2RC is a frequency agile channel monitoring and redundancy Broadband switching station, which incorporates 2-independent automatic switches, offered also with single switch. The RMS-2RC1 single switch station has identical features and performance as the RMS-2RC. They are both primarily designed to provide redundancy to RF/AGC-Pilot (Analog & QAM) Channels in Headend & Hub site applications. The desired RF-pilot channel to be monitored is selected from the Web-page. With its input wide level range Threshold adjustment, it can be used to monitor the RF-pilot channel at the modulator output and from within the CATV Broadband feed in Hub applications.

Fail-safe during power loss: On power loss to the unit, the RMS-2RC will pass the RF pilot channel or Broadband feed of the main input.
Internal RF Termination: Unselected input is internally 75-ohm terminated.
Automatic Switching: Backup input is monitored to prevent blind switching to that input and to send alarms when its level drops below the Threshold setting.
Local status & control: Front panel toggle switch to override & manually switch control, with separate LED's to indicate the main & backup input status, switch position and switching (automatic or manual) mode.
Remote Status & Control: Remote status monitoring, alarm and switch manual control over TCP/IP Networks via SNMP protocol and from the (embedded Web-server) Web-page. Optional back-chassis relay & contact closure are can be installed to provide status (1-formC relay) and switch control via contact closure and interface with existing Telemetry system at the site, with dial-in DTMF phone switch control.
NEGATIVE 48Volt Supply: Optional NEG 48V-DC internal supply available.