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Clear QAM Solutions

PSIP, DVB-SI & SCTE-65 Metadata Generator

Diagram of Guidebuilder System
Part Number: GuideBuilder 5

Cable operators today need to provide timely and accurate electronic program guides for clear-QAM tuners, non-decrypting and DVB-SI set-top boxes, and MDU installations. That's why they need GuideBuilder 5, the fifth generation of the leading EPG metadata system from Triveni Digital.
> Generate guides for clear-QAM and DVB-SI
GuideBuilder 5 automatically ingests program schedules from multiple listing services, generates standards-compliant PSIP and DVB-SI metadata, and seamlessly outputs EPGs for thousands of channels and services. With GuideBuilder 5, it�s easy to configure your channel lineups, view and edit program descriptions, set up email alerts and SNMP traps, manage user access, and more. This state-of-the-art metadata management system speeds deployments, streamlines workflows, and saves valuable time for other responsibilities.
> Manage all your channels and services
For more than a decade, GuideBuilder has been the industry leader in EPG metadata management. The new GuideBuilder 5 builds on that field-proven reputation for usability and reliability with a simplified web-based GUI, a modernized Linux-based operating system, and significant performance improvements.
With easy software updates, a variety of licensed features, and cost-effective cloudbased and software-only options, GuideBuilder 5 sets the stage for future metadata extensions.

EPG generation and management for thousands of CATV services
Automatic schedule downloads from multiple listing services
Standards-compliant PSIP, DVB-SI, and SCTE-65 metadata
Program guide outputs for clear-QAM, DVB-SI, and MDU customers
Virtual channel remapping for non-STB customers
A web-based, drill-down GUI for multiple-user access
Compliant channel part numbers
Channel lineup imports for faster schedule workflows
Easy editing of program descriptions, ratings, captioning and audio settings
Automatic alerts via SMTP email and SMS text messages
Input-to-output status checks with color-coded service maps