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Internet Services, (Management, Enhancements
Monitoring, User Notifications)

Subscriber Messaging

TV Messaging by PefTech
Part Number: Bulletin System/Mini Pack

PerfTech has built a suite of applications that leverage subscriber communication capabilities in the Provider's network. All PerfTech applications incorporate some level of targeted messaging, depending on the purpose of the application, and
Improve customer satisfaction and retention,
Offer valuable tools to network operations teams,
Enhance Provider branding,
Drive subscribers to the Provider's portal,
Provide revenue-generating services, and/or
Reduce support costs, increasing profitability

Applications that generate revenue for Providers include:
Monitor Useage & Upgrade Data Packages
Promotional Messaging
Ad Messaging
Website filtering
Address-bar redirection

Applications that save costs and improve customer satisfaction include:
Subscriber care messaging
Emergency (EAS)/Amber alerts
Outbound spam containment
Internet Watermark

Watch Video:
   PerfTech/Internet Browser Messaging.wmv