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Cable Modem Termination Systems

Cisco Broadband Troubleshooter

Part Number: CBT 3.3

Cisco Broadband Troubleshooter is an easy-to-use tool with a GUI that helps network administrators and technicians to streamline RF problem resolution. The tool dynamically monitors RF characteristics on a per- modem or per-upstream basis, provides a measurement interface for the upstream that looks and feels like a spectrum analyzer, decentralizes RF monitoring and analysis, and automatically sorts and categorizes RF problem conditions. This improves staff effectiveness and helps ensure a stable return path, thereby increasing service and subscriber satisfaction.

Cisco Broadband Troubleshooter 3.3 provides you with up-to-date client and server hardware platform support. This new release also supports new line cards now available for the Cisco Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS). In addition, with improved security and scalability, Cisco Broadband Troubleshooter continues to provide a cost-effective operational tool to locate any equipment or connection problem within your HFC plant.

Automated analysis and interpretation of Cisco's patented flap list
Views of network health, CMTS, and cable modem through CiscoView application
Scheduled and on-demand query and capture of network health
Diagnostics available from both customer account and network-event perspectives
Pinpointing of cable modems experiencing problems to geographic locations through third-party mapping tool (option)
Advanced upstream spectrum management capabilities including trace window, spectrogram, carrier-to-noise ratio analysis, and data playback for Cisco CMTS line cards
Client-server architecture that supports concurrent multi-user and remote access
Subscriber traffic management support