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Monitor, Test & View - MPEG Transport Stream

IP Core Monitoring Blade

VB-220 Rack Mount Chassis
Part Number: VB220

The VB220 IP-PROBE is a monitoring platform for all applications in any network where digital video is carried across an IP infrastructure. This network service tool is ideal for both pure IPTV networks and hybrid networks with IP transport cores (such as digital cable and terrestrial networks).
The ability to monitor continuously 260 services makes the VB220 blade just as powerful as its portable version, the VB20. 3 x VB220 blades can be placed in one 19" 1RU chassis, giving a total of 780 streams monitored in a small form factor. This is an invaluable tool for any network engineer attempting multicast detection on multiple VLANs or in the process of IGMP tracking.

1x 10/100/1000T Mbps Ethernet ports
1x SFP GigE port
1x 10/100T Mbps Ethernet management port
1x ASI Input port
Built-in USB to RS232 converter
Blade based hardware for use with rack mount chassis
3 selectable blades can be placed in one 1-RU chassis
Chassis with built-in 100-240V AC or 48V DC power supply
Optional demodulator blades supported (QAM, DVB-S/S2, COFDM)
Real-time monitoring of 260 multicasts/unicasts
Monitors transport stream into IP according to ETSI TS 102 034
Microsoft MediaRoom X-bit RTP header extension support
IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 SSM support
802.1Q VLAN tagging support and detection
Thumbnail decoding of MPEG2 and MPEG4 streams, SD and HD
Packet jitter and media loss measurements
RTP dropped, duplicate and out-of-order measurements
Type of Service (TOS) and Time to Live (TTL) displaying
Time loss distance measurements (RFC3357)
FSM monitoring of middleware services
IGMP monitoring and logging
Advanced real-time IP protocol breakdown and analysis with individual bandwidth and frame size displaying
Alarm triggered recording of a multicast/unicast or selectable service from any input RDP of transport stream or selected service from any input
Searchable alarm lists
Built-in web-based management with access control
SNMP multi-destination trapping
Eii External Integration Interface for easy integration into any 3rd party OSS / NMS system
Compatible with Cisco VAMS/CMM
NTP client functionality (RFC2030)
DHCP client support (RFC2131)