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Digital to Analog Decoder

Chassis Module DAV860
Part Number: DAV860

The Drake DAV860 Digital to Analog Decoder provides digital demodulation and decoding, for ATSC 8VSB broadcast or in the-clear QAM television signals. The DAV860 delivers a standard NTSC composite analog video and stereo audio output. Used in conjunction with an analog NTSC modulator, this product allows a cable system operator to continue to provide analog versions of services that will only be available to him as digital in the future. It may also be utilized to provide the alternate digital channels now available from many broadcasters.
The decoder makes no change to the image format if the digital signal received is transmitted in 480i. If the signal is high definition, 720p or 1080i, options are given to either crop or "letterbox" the 16:9 proportioned image into a 4:3 format for output. The DAV860 is AFD Ready. This means that the DAV860 supports automatic aspect ratio control through the Active Format Description metadata that may be broadcast with the video. AFD control may be overridden if desired.

Receives ATSC 8VSB or clear QAM
Decodes signal to NTSC Composite Analog Video
Supports Closed Captioning
Firmware updates available through front-panel
Designed for use with Drake RMM12/PSM121 or RMM4 chassis