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Test & Measurement
(Fiber Optic)

Intelligent Optical Link Mapper

Part Number: iOLM

Innovation is front and center at EXFO, and the Intelligent Optical Link Mapper (iOLM) is a prime example of a game-changing solution. The iOLM lets you take advantage of the full power of your OTDR, bringing automation to a new level-and enabling even the untrained technician to become a test expert in no time.
The iOLM integrates all our expertise into a simple, easy-to-use software that will take your OTDR testing capabilities further than they've ever been. And since EXFO designs and optimizes each OTDR model so that it offers the best possible performance for its specific application, your solution will fit to your reality.

Self-setting unit
Link-Aware technology
Optical Link View
Prompt diagnosis
Consolidated bidirectional link view (patent-pending)
OTDR trace fi le generation (.sor)
Point-to-point access
FTTx Last-Mile
LAN/WAN, enterprise and data centers
Fronthaul (FTTA, DAS and small cells) and backhaul
Metro core and long-haul
Cable testing (IL/ORL measurement)