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Cloud Managed Security Appliances

Rack Mount Chassis  of MX
Part Number: MX Series

Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliances make it easy to deploy high quality network infrastructure to large numbers of distributed sites. Since the MX is 100% cloud managed, installation and remote management is simple. The MX has a comprehensive suite of network services, eliminating the need for multiple appliances. Services include a next-generation firewall, content filtering, web search filtering, intrusion detection, web caching, WAN optimization, and link bonding with failover.

Application-aware traffic control: set bandwidth policies based on Layer 7 application type (e.g., YouTube, Skype, P2P).
Content filtering: CIPA-compliant content filter, web search filtering (Google/Bing), and YouTube for Schools.
Intrusion detection: PCI-compliant IDS sensor using industry-leading Snort database from Sourcefire.
Anti-virus and anti-phishing: flow-based protection engine powered by Kaspersky.
Identity-based filtering and application bandwidth management