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Hotel Channel Guide w/ QAM & IP Output

EEG-QIP Diagram
Part Number: EEG-QIP

The EEG-QIP (Enterprise Edge Guide with QAM and IP output) along with the CHIC (Content Hotel Information Carousel) software allows for a content service provider to offer a custom flip-page hotel-guide channel for the hotels unique channel lineup. The CHIC sends the hotel-guide data to the EEG-QIP over a specific QAM channel on the service providers RF network for each hotel property. The EEG-QIP, based on information in the user configuration file, controls the placement of the guide data information onto a custom MPEG-2 encoded channel that displays the flip-page hotel-guide. The custom-channel output is available in both IP and QAM formats.

Improves hotel TV service experience
Easy to find your favorite shows without channel surfing
Allows Hotel branded guide channel
Eliminates paper channel guides
Provides less demand on your overall network by decreasing channels surfing
Can be displayed on TVs without set top boxes
Lower cost of ownership than traditional models