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Optical Transport
Broadband RF (HFC; RFOG; FTTH)

Optical Headends

Part Number: T.OX Series

Complete range of headend devices to convert CATV and L-Band signals into light for distribution on PON networks. Convert the light to RF at the other end to put it back on a coaxial distribution network (FTTx) with a complete range of receivers and mini-nodes too.

RFoG and G/EPON applications.
4dBm, 6dBm and 10dBm Broadband and CATV transmitters.
1310nm & 1550nm versions.
L -Band capable multi-window receivers (1200 - 1600 nm).
CATV FTTU Mini receiver (with OLC).
20dBm EDFA rack-mounted amplifier.
High power outdoor nodes.
RFoG MiniNodes with built in WDM.
Video overlay WDM modules.