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Part Number: BaaS

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy to get your backup offsite to a hosted backup repository (called a cloud repository) without the cost of managing a second site.

Cloud Connect is:
Seamless. Use your cloud repository like a local backup repository. Simply open the Veeam backup console and make your cloud repository a target for any backup or backup copy job. There is no additional download or Veeam licensing required.
Efficient. Leverages fewer-incremental backups, in cloud synthetic fulls, built-in WAN Acceleration* and more to minimize data transfer while maximizing restore points. Get your backups off site quickly and easily without adding bandwidth.
Secure. Rest easy by encrypting your backup at source, in flight and at rest, without negatively impacting data transfer to the cloud (thanks to content-aware compression and WAN Acceleration*). Cloud Connect's multi-tenant capabilities also ensure that your data is as safe and confidential as it would be in your own dedicated offsite repository.
*WAN acceleration is enabled upon request. Available only with Premium option with Veeam 8 Enterprise Plus edition.