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Desktop as a Service

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With DaaS, deployment and management of the desktop environment is simplified. Data and applications are accessed through a virtual environment, allowing businesses and providers to support, patch and maintain one environment rather than managing individual desktops throughout an organization. And, with one central environment, your data is more secure while still allowing users the flexibility to choose between working on desktop or mobile devices.

BYOD initiatives, mobility and the need to upgrade desktop operating systems and applications are driving organizations to reevaluate their end user computing strategies. For those businesses looking for change, DaaS provides:

Extended life of existing desktop hardware.
A solution for security and compliance concerns. All data is cloud hosted and desktops are based on pattern that is easy to maintain.
Dedicated desktop resource, with greater availability than session-based remote desktops, as well as
- Secure remote access,
- Consistent desktop experience, and
- Accessible from any device that you support, including Windows-based, iOS, Androids and iMacs.