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Monitor, Test & View - MPEG Transport Stream

Backbone Transport Stream Monitor

anyVid Rack Mount Chassis
Part Number: anyVid-MON

anyVid-MON is the easy to use, one-of-a-kind solution for viewing, inspecting, tracking, sharing, & capturing video backbone transport streams from anywhere in the world.

View video from any program on any Multicast from anywhere in the world
anyVid-MON automatically joins programs on the Video backbone, transcodes the video/audio multiple times for adaptive Bit Rate Streaming, and packages it for delivery on the corporate network, internet, etc. as HLS
Includes video backbone interface for multicast traffic & a dedicated management network interface, which can sit on the corporate network, local LAN, or even the Internet (firewalled)
Video can be viewed, regardless of available bandwidth and network quality
Our specialized, custom (in-browser) player lets you view HLS Adaptive Bit Rate video with no downloads or plugins necessary on any device:
< Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge (even if the browser does not natively support HLS)
< Apple Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad
< Chrome
< Firefox,
< Android
A monitored program can be shared and viewed by up to 1,000 users simultaneously
Up to 40 programs can be viewed simultaneously (depends on model, program resolution, number of adaptive streams selected in settings, etc.)
Every single Multicast at your fingertips
Database storage of all of your Multicasts
Multicasts can be updated through the GUI, Spreadsheet import/export, ingest from CLP, EDM, etc.
Multicasts can be labeled, grouped by category, notated and more!!!
Single-click viewing, inspection, or capture of ANY program in the network