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MDU & Hospitality

UCrypt IP to Analog v2

IP2Av2 Rackmount Chassis
Part Number: UCrypt IP to Av2 (IP2Agen2)

ATX's UCrypt IP to analog (IP2Agen2) 2nd Generation gateways allow MSOs and service providers to ingest programs in IP format and retransmit them in analog format. The UCrypt IP to analog gateway is ideal for converting content into analog format in all-digital headends, as well as servicing bulk MDU, hospitality or commercial accounts where legacy TVs are deployed. It allows for delivery of up to 60 individually agile analog channels in the 54-860 MHz frequency range. It supports ingestion of up to 20 MPEG-2 or H.264, HD or SD, IP multicast video streams.

Supports 60 individually agile analog outputs
Analog formats: NTSC, PAL D/K or PAL B/G
Supports MTPS or SPTS input
Automatic failover to redundant multicast
Support for SCTE-18 EAS override functionality
Offers constant program status monitoring
Supports SNMP-based alerts and alarms
Easy-to-use, web-based UI for remote configuration, management and monitoring