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Optical Nodes

HFC Optical Node

Part Number: GS7000

The Cisco GS7000 4-Way Segmentable Node is the latest generation 1 GHz optical node platform. This platform allows independent segmentation and redundancy for both the forward and reverse paths in a reliable, cost-effective package.

Six port 1 GHz RF platform
Uses GainMaker type GaAs FET gain stages
Uses standard GainMaker style accessories (i.e., attenuator pads, equalizers, diplexers, and crowbar)
Field accessible plug-in Forward Interstage Linear Equalizers, Forward / Reverse Configuration Modules, and Signal Directors
3-state reverse switch (on/off/-6 dB) allows each reverse input to be isolated for noise and ingress troubleshooting (status monitoring or local control module required)
Auxiliary reverse injection (5 - 210 MHz) configurable on up to 2 ports
Positions for up to 4 optical receivers and 4 optical transmitters in housing lid