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Optical Nodes

HFC Optical Node

Part Number: LBON4000

Lindsay's four high output broadband Optical Node is a full featured two-way 1GHz station designed for the lowest cost per mile HFC deployment.
Model LBON4000 is a TOUGH outdoor hardened optical node offering two or four outputs, multiple diplex filter options and the latest GaAs hybrid technology to provide superior distortion performance to 1GHz. This low noise optical node comes complete with an automatic switching mode power supply 40-90VAC all in a 15PSI pressure tested housing. Technician friendly on board unique equalizers enabled equalization and slope value setup by simple resistive attenuators greatly reducing operational.

Die-cast, aluminum housing (clamshell design)
Strand-mounted, with vault and pedestal options
Dual gaskets provide 15-PSI weather-tight seal
Temperature cycled, from -25'C to +60'C (-13'F to +149'F)
Two or four high-level output ports, low distortion
Optical transmitter options of 1, 2, 3, 4 mW
1 GHz +52dBmV output capabilities
1310, 1550 and CWDM return options
FP and DFB return path optical transmitters
Optical transmit/receive level test points
Cable plant-powered, 40/90 voltage AC
Efficient switching power supply
Optical AGC
Diplex Filters available in 42/54, 65/85 and 85/105 MHz
On board equalization adjusted by 1dB stepped plug in attenuators