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Antennas & Pre-amplifiers

UHF Antenna

Tope Plastic enclosed Antenna
Part Number: 144145, 144144

A BOSS intelligent antenna, protected with an ABS plastic radome, that eliminates the effects of LTE signals, providing the best possible quality of DTT broadcasting. Because of its size, discretion and performance, this antenna is ideal for facades, balconies, single family homes, etc.

Rejection of the 4G impact on DTT services.
BOSStech amplification, that can works in an active or passive mode.
With an aesthetic and discrete appearance, it is made of high resistance materials.
The Kit 144144 includes an amplifier, cables and connectors, for the signal distribution.
Directional Yagi of 7 elements made with Microstrip technology for UHF and a printed dipole for FM-BIII.
A robust and easy to install antenna with a very low consumption.
Adapts itself to the received signal level. When the installer fits it, he does not have to worry about the input level as the antenna guarantees the most adequate output to the received signal.
Keeps the output level independently from the radioelectric spectrum in the moment of installation.
Corrects the signal fluctuations, auto-adjusting the output level to the optimal value, independently from the input variations.
The evolution of the number of channels is not important. The antenna adjusts itself to future channels.
Enables the installation of vertical and horizontal polarization.