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High Band Diamond Quad Array

WL Series Wave Length Drawing
Part Number: WL 7-13 DQ

The WL7-13/DQ is a rugged high band diamond quad log periodic array for channels 7 to 13, combining high gain with narrow vertical and horizontal beam width. Engineered for maximum gain and superior side lobe performance, this array will significantly reduce the level of interfering signals. Where specific sources of interference can be identified, a custom designed array will ensure optimum rejection.

Gain: 17.5 dBi
Frequency: 174-216MHz
Channels: 7-13
HPBW Horizontal: 22deg.
HPBW Vertical: 24deg.
Impedence: 75 ohm
Polarization: Horizontal or Vertical
Connector Type: F Connector
Dimensions: 96" L (243.8 cm L)
Weight: 230 lbs