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Monitor, Test & View - MPEG Transport Stream

VideoBridge System Monitoring Server

VideoBridge Diagram
Part Number: VBC

The Sencore controller (VBC) is a server application, its main purpose being to offer central control and management of all Sencore devices. The VBC gives unprecedented insight into network health and the flow of media streams. Key elements in the VBC are: configuration management, stream status monitoring, service status monitoring, 4-day historical data-display with the Microtimeline technology, SNMP multi-destination trap forwarding, alarm logging and PDF report generation. The users connect to the server by using a standard web browser as the client.
The VBC controller software is deployed in a Linux server environment offering powerful and standardized network access techniques such as SSH, telnet, FTP, XML, HTTP and SNMP. The VBC collects summarized data from probes and presents alarms filtered by user selectable thresholds and aggregation times, thus providing the high-level overview needed in a large system while still allowing drill-down for detailed alarm and measurement information.

Element control of all devices through HTTP/web
Auto-detection of devices
Aggregation of alarms with alarm storm avoidance features
Blade alarm list displaying individual current and historical device alarms
Scheduling allows alarm masking during specified time periods
Real-time status for all FSM� monitored services
MICROTIMELINE view of last 96 hours of operation for individual streams and configurable stream groups
MICROTIMELINE view provides system overview at-a-glance
Thumbnail and metadata view with the addition of theVB280 CONTENT EXTRACTOR module
XML parsing and export of alarms and events
Configurable access control supports different user roles
No limit to the number of users accessing the VBC simultaneously
Secure remote access via VPN or Internet for maintenance tasks
XML parsing and export of alarms and events
Multi-level alarm reporting and history
Highly scalable for large national and international service providers
File-based configuration storage and restoration
Supports easy remote batch software upgrade of VideoBRIDGE devices
Linux OS
Easy integration with 3rd party NMS systems through XML and SNMP traps