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UCrypt Monitoring

Control Center of Monitors
Part Number: UCrypt Monitoring Server

ATX's UCrypt monitoring server provides quick access to real-time information such as the health and status of all deployed UCrypt devices. It acts as a central site and information repository that NOC personnel, anywhere, can access. MSOs can define how they want to receive information and who receives it. With the UCrypt monitoring server, devices can be grouped and sub-categorized to correspond to an MSO's organization scheme. Whether it is by region, by system, or another method, MSOs have the flexibility to monitor their UCrypt devices in a similar manner to their other deployed hardware. They can also configure the UCrypt monitoring server to provide customized reports based on that information.

Robust monitoring and alerting
Real-time snapshots of system health
Continuous monitoring of all deployed UCrypt devices
Dashboard-based design for easy notification
Advanced rule and trigger creation
Default rules and triggers based on extensive in-field experience
Rule and trigger creation beyond individual SNMP alerts
Customizable rules for creating alerts using syslog, SNMP or HTTPS events
Flexible and configurable
Can be installed on a virtual machine, on a supplied server, or purchased with dedicated server hardware
Custom and pre-configured reports
Group and categorize units to correspond to the organization's deployment scheme