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Smart Remote PHY 120 RDP

GS7000 Remote Phy Module
Part Number: GS7000 RPD

The Cisco Smart PHY Model 120 1x2 RPD (Remote Phy Device) module for the GS7000 Nodes enables customers to prepare their networks for the future with higher bandwidth per subscriber.
An extension of the Modular Headend Architecture, MHAv2 splits CMTS functions so that CCAP core and physical-layer functions can run separately, in different locations. CCAP core routing can run out of larger hubs (or even cloud CMTS instances in a datacenter), while QAM and ODFM modulation gets pushed out to Remote PHY Devices (RPDs) located nearer to subscribers.
Remote PHY is the product of cable operators asking the industry to help them overcome the limitations of analog fiber and break through the HFC bottleneck. In its most basic form, Remote PHY unlocks major bandwidth increases in existing access networks. But it also enables "fiber deep" architectures that push digital fiber out much closer to homes. Ultimately, Remote PHY helps cable operators deliver capacity and Gigabit service tiers on par with any pure-fiber competitor, at a fraction of the cost of ripping and replacing the existing HFC plant.

Downstream/Upstream configurations - 1x1 and 1x2 (Downstream x Upstream)
DS capacity - 160 narrowcast QAMs plus Six OFDM 192 MHz orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) blocks per port
US capacity - 12 US channels per port or 2 OFDMA blocks (96 MHz) per port
Channel assignment - Flexibility QAM channel frequency placement
Video - Broadcast, VOD and SDV (future) SCTE 55-1 and SCTE 55-2 (future) OOB
Video encryption - PowerKEY (future), VPME and DVB
CIN connectivity - Dual 10 GBE SFP+, Path Redundancy (future), Daisy Chaining (future)
Operation & maintenance - AGC and leakage detection tone generation, US monitoring