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Optical Nodes

4-Way Segmentable Node

GS7000 Strand Mount Housing
Part Number: GS7000 1.2

Consumer bandwidth demand continues to grow at a rapid rate every year. As a result, cable operators with devices based on DOCSIS® need to prepare their networks for the future. They need to plan for reduced service group sizes and ultimately for double or quadruple (or greater) bandwidth speeds. The Cisco® GS7000 1218-MHz 4-Way Segmentable Node enables them to implement these plans. This platform allows independent segmentation and redundancy for both forward and reverse paths in a reliable, easily configurable, technician-friendly package.

Six-port 1.2-GHz RF platform as
Gallium nitride (GaN) gain stages
Easy forward and reverse RF split changes
Field-accessible plug-in forward interstage linear equalizers, forward and reverse configuration modules, and signal directors
1218-MHz accessories in the Cisco GainMaker® style
Onboard three-state reverse switch (on, off, and 6 dB) allows each reverse input to be isolated for noise and ingress troubleshooting (status monitoring or local control module required)
Positions for up to four optical receivers and four optical transmitters in housing lid
Optional low-cost local control module that can be installed with a redundant forward configuration module to allow optical path redundancy when no status monitor is required
Optional status monitoring using a DOCSIS transponder (using standard SCTE-HMS MIBs)
Fiber entry ports on both ends of housing lid
Fiber management tray and track for easy access to fiber connections
Primary and redundant power supplies with passive load sharing
Spring-loaded seizure assemblies to allow coaxial connectors to be installed or removed without removing amplifier chassis
Dual or split AC power