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(ONTs, OLT, GPON, Gateways)


zNID-4200A Wall Mount Box
Part Number: zNID-4200

The zNID supports Gigabit Ethernet termination with full-featured gateway functionality providing an ideal solution for FTTH deployments.
The zNID-GE-422x is designed for outdoor single family deployments providing two voice lines, and two Gigabit Ethernet ports.
Triple Play services – IPTV, POTS or VoIP, and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) – over existing coax and/or phone line make service offerings and installations flexible and easy.
The zNID product line integrates two HPNA chipsets to simultaneously support both HPNA over coax and phone line, giving greater flexibility to service providers who want to take advantage of the network already installed in the user’s home. The zNID is able to guarantee the best throughput possible over the coax network and the phone line network giving added flexibility when offering triple play services. HPNA over the existing coax and the existing phone line simultaneously virtually eliminates the need to run new cables.

Triple Play Services – IP Video, VoIP, High Speed Internet Access
1 Gbps Bridging and Routing
VoIP with CLASS Features
Multicast Video
No New Home Wiring – HPNA supported simultaneously on Coax and Phone Line eliminates the need to run new wires.
Two Step Easy Installation – Install fiber enclosure without the need for electronics. Electronics can be installed after services are ordered.
Remote Management – Web GUI, ZMS CPE manager, CLI and SNMP.