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zNID-9308 Wall Mount Box
Part Number: zNID-GPON-9308

The zNID-GPON-9308 ONT was designed to serve multiple customers.
This product is ideal for multiple dwelling units (MDU) with up to eight (8) tenants. It provides eight Voice ports and eight 10/100/1000bT LAN ports, plus a ninth 10/100/1000bT LAN port for connecting an auxiliary device such as a Wi-Fi access point or video camera.
The 9308 can also provide RF video to eight customers. The same coax connector that provides RF video, could provide IPTV using the MoCA capability.
Each Voice port and LAN port is individually controlled, and can be assigned to specific customers. A customer can have as many POTS and LAN ports as desired, with unique VLANs configured per customer to ensure full isolation of each customer’s data traffic.
All 9000 series MDU ONTs provide the same voice features found on the 4200 series of Single Family Unit (SFU) ONTs. Both MGCP and SIP are supported for direct connection to a VoIP Softswitch. This flexibility allows DZS’ 4200 and 9000 Series ONTs to work in nearly all Telco networks, with interoperability support for a broad array of Softswitches.

Triple Play Services – IP Video, VoIP, High Speed Internet Access
GPON Uplink
Eight Voice Ports
Eight Gigabit Ethernet Ports with PoE
One Gigabit Ethernet Accessory Port with PoE
1 Gbps Throughput Bridging or Routing
VoIP with CLASS Features
Multicast Video
Remote Management – Web GUI, ZMS CPE manager, CLI and SNMP.