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(ONTs, OLT, GPON, Gateways)

GPON ONT With Intelligent Gateway

zNID422X Wall Mount Housing
Part Number: zNID-422X

The zNID is an intelligent NID supporting GPON termination with full-featured gateway functionality providing an ideal solution for FTTH deployments.
Triple Play services - IPTV, POTS or VoIP, and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) - over existing coax and/or phone line make service offerings and installations flexible and easy.

Triple Play Services IP Video, VoIP, High Speed Internet Access
No New Home Wiring - HPNA supported simultaneously on Coax and Phone Line eliminates the need to run new wires.
Two Step Easy Installation - Install fiber enclosure without the need for electronics. Electronics can be installed after services are ordered.
Remote Management - Web GUI, SNMP, and ZMS.