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10G-100G Ethernet Testing


The Power Blazer series of modules offers a full suite of test capabilities for multiple technologies up to 10G, addressing different test applications ranging from lab to field.

As it becomes clear that 100G networks will be using CFP4 and QSFP28 interfaces, enabling both data center and carriers to deploy 100G circuits more cost effectively, it follows that 100G test solutions will evolve in that same direction. EXFO’s FTBx-88200NGE is the first test solution that offers integrated CFP4 and QSFP28 interfaces; ready for the 100G network evolution. The FTBx-88200NGE offers a full suite of Ethernet and OTN test capabilities, including advanced lab test options, making it the perfect test solution to help NEMs develop and test their next-generation 100G network equipment. NEMs can also benefit from EXFO’s LTB-8 platform and EXFO Multilink application to have a complete and agile lab test solution. Due to the compact size and versatility of EXFO’s FTB-2 Pro and FTB-4 Pro portable platforms, the Power Blazer modules are also ready to take testing from the lab to the field.


  • Integrated CFP/CFP2/CFP4 and QSFP28 interfaces to facilitate the testing of next-generation 100G networks
  • SFP/SFP+ interface to address lower rate signals for added versatility
  • Advanced test functionality to address multiple technologies including OTN, Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fiber Channel, packet sync and CPRI/OBSAI
  • Supports EXFO TFv-Test Function Virtualization, including FTB Anywhere floating licenses and FTB OnDemand time-based licenses for ultimate flexibility
  • 100G Ethernet through mode capability for in-line monitoring and troubleshooting of bidirectional Ethernet traffic
  • Compatible with EXFO’s rackmount LTB-8 platform featuring hot-swap capability for lab use and best-in-class 100G port density with up to eight modules running simultaneously
  • Compatible with the compact FTB-2 Pro and FTB-4 Pro portable platforms with integrated optical tools and battery capable of running from two to four modules simultaneously
  • Supported by EXFO Multilink, a web-based application for easy multi-user management and remote access
  • Supports quick optical transceiver validation and sanity check using an
  • Intelligent Pluggable Optics test application—iOptics
  • Dual-port Ethernet testing capability up to 100G
  • Wander time error testing
  • CPRI layer-2 link validation for BBU or RRH from 1.2G to 10.1G
  • Real-time high-resolution RF spectrum analysis over CPRI
  • EXFO’s innovative Open Transceiver System for swapping in/out different test interfaces on the same module; providing testing flexibility now and ready for future transceivers later (available on the FTBx-88260)

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