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DC-3GHz RF Switch

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The 7703R4x1, 7703R8x1 and 7703R16x1 are bi-directional, low loss switches for signals from DC to 3GHz. Switch sizes are 4×1, 8×1 and 16×1 respectively. Control of the switch may be done locally at the card-edge with the built-in rotary encoder and dot-matrix display, or remotely through SNMP/VistaLINK.

Applications include selecting from multiple signal sources and routing one to a piece of instrumentation such as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer or other signal analysis/monitoring equipment. Similarly, a single signal source may be routed to any one of multiple connected receiving devices for applications such as antenna switching.

The 7703R4x1, 7703R8x1 and 7703R16x1 are ideal for use any facility where signal switching is required, or in automated testing applications.

The 7703R4x1 occupies one card slot and the 7703R8x1 and 7703R16x1 occupy two card slots and can be housed in a 1RU frame that will hold up to 3 modules, a 3RU frame that will hold up to 7 modules, a 350FR portable frame that will hold up to 3 modules or a standalone enclosure which holds 1 module.


  •  Low insertion loss and high return loss to preserve original signal integrity
  • Unused ports automatically terminate to 75Ω (AC coupled)
  • Latching relays conserve power usage in the latched state and maintain position in the event of power loss to the card or frame
  • Modular, front accessible and hot-swappable – can be conveniently removed from the frame without disconnecting wiring for greatly simplifi ed servicing
  • 4×1, 8×1 and 16×1 versions available to accommodate different sized requirements
  • DC – 3GHz bandwidth allows switching of many signal types including RF (L-Band, 70/140MHZ IF, CATV, etc.) analog or digital video or audio, serial digital such as DS3, etc.
  • Will pass DC LNB power for antenna switching or similar applications
  • Controllable via industry standard SNMP allowing easy integration into facilities or automated test setups
  • Comprehensive card status monitoring and control via four digit card edge display and rotary encoder or remotely through SNMP and VistaLINK

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