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900 MHz Wireless Broadband System


Vecima Networks offers a starter kit that includes all the WaveRider equipment needed to establish a wireless broadband network. This kit can be deployed to serve business or residential subscribers and has the capacity to service more subscribers than other 900 MHz system on the market. The LMS8000 starter kit is a non-line-of-sight system that enables operators to establish a 900 MHz system that will grow with them as their business expands.

WaveRiders LMS8000 starter kits now support VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), enabling simultaneous transmission of voice and data traffic on your wireless network.

The LMS8000 starter kit features a CCU8010 base station PoE integrated 10dBi antenna, an easy to install EUM8000 subscriber station integrated outdoor modem, a convenient MDB1000 hand-held alignment and installation tool and priority email support.


  • CCU8010 Base Station Power over Ethernet (PoE) Integrated 10dBi Antenna
    > Over-the-air data rate up to 13.5 Mbps and access speeds up to 8 Mbps at 64 QAM
    > Operates in 900 MHz spectrum which offers superior NLOS propagation characteristics
    > WaveRiders dynamic polling MAC enables greater subscriber capacity
    > Scalable solution – highest subscriber capacity in the industry
    > Outdoor LOS range up to 25 miles; average range of 5 miles NLOS
    > PoE (802.3af Mode B compatible)
    > Integrated 10 dBi antenna and weatherproof package tested to meet ETSI 300-019 environmental standards with an extended temperature range of -40 C to 50 C plus solar loading
  • EUM8000 Subscriber Station Integrated Outdoor Unit
    > Provides superior performance in a multipath environment by automatically switching to either a vertical or horizontal polarization mode
    > High-gain (10 dBi) antenna enables the EUM8000 to generate the full 36 dBm average EIRP allowed by the FCC
    > Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard 48 VDC PoE (802.3af Mode B compatible)
    > Weatherproof Package
    > Tested to meet ETSI 300-019 environmental standards for outdoor installations with an extended temperature range of -40 C to 50 C plus solar loading
    > Automatic Configuration Capabilities
    > Auto CCU discovery – selects CCU with best RF signal DHCP Client – obtains its IP address, subnet mask and IP gateway information from a DHCP server
    > Automatic remote configuration – accepts parameters from a RADIUS server to set other configurable parameters in the modem

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