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Audio-Video Optical Tx/Rx


MVX–T/R digital series optical transmitters and receivers adopt digital video coding techniques and WDM techniques. They provide an excellent solution for the user needs of long distance and high quality optical fiber transmissions and may be configured with several options for single and multi-path digital video, audio, data and Ethernet. The product line includes options for single fiber one way digital video, single fiber up to 64 routes of video and up to 128 routes audio, as well as data unidirectional and bi-directional applications.

MVX–T/R series can transmit standard definition composite audio/video signals from various sources such as a TV studios, headend, camera, video conference, medical and educational sources and many other applications. There are also options available for camera and tripod head control data. Additional options for these applications must be ordered with your unit.


  • MVX12: 1 ch Video / 2 ch Audio
  • MVX24: 2 ch Video / 4 ch Audio
  • MVX48: 4 ch Video / 8 ch Audio
  • MVX816: 8 ch Video / 16 ch Audio
  • 10Bit digital video coding, for broadcast transmission quality video/audio.
  • Automatically compatible PAL/NTSC/SECAM video modes.
  • No cross interference of the analog frequency modulation/amplitude modulation optical transceiver.
  • 24 digit PCM digital audio coding.
  • Data options support the interface of RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Manchester, power switch signal, 10-100M Ethernet and others. System uses common data communication protocols. *options must be specified when ordering.
  • Can be ordered for use with different fiber types and distances. Multi-mode: 0-5Km. Single mode: 0-20Km, 0-40 Km, 0-60 Km, 0-80 Km, 0-100Km.
  • 0 Km application, unsaturated and no need to modulate.
  • Comes with standard SC/APC fiber connectors, may be ordered with optional connectors at customers request.
  • Flexible network construction can be ordered with module cassette chassis, independent structure or standard 1U casing options.

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