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1550nm Tunable Externally Modulated Optical Tx


The MX-T8500T Series 1550nm High Performance Tunable Externally Modulated Optical Transmitters are a high performance, dual optical output transmitters designed for analog and digital CATV QAM signals. Maxcom’s 1550 optical amplifiers adopt world class pump lasers and American OFS erbium-doped optical fiber components. Excellent APC, ACC and ATC control, superb design in the ventilation and heat-dissipation ensure long life and a highly reliable operation of the pump laser.

1550nm externally modulated technology for the optical transmitter has no laser chirp, low dispersion distortion, and a large extinction ratio, with excellent characteristics within 40-862MHz. The External Modulator does not generate CSO distortion after reasonable bias. It can be followed by an EDFA when used in large area coverage and very-long trunk and local networks. Adopting WDM, multi-wavelength optical channels can be added and transmitted through hone fiber, complimenting current developments and trends relative to triple-play and fiber to home.


  • Externally modulated technology, no laser chirp, low dispersion distortion, high extinction ratio, with excellent characteristic within 40-862MHz, used in very-long trunk with in large and medium sized cable television head-end.
  • Narrow line width (Typ=0.3 MHz), low noise, and DFB continuous wave laser, which is propitious in reducing dispersion effects.
  • Operational bandwidth is 47-862MHz.
  • CNR ≥54dBand excellent CTB, CSO index.
  • SBS: 13-189dBm, continuous adjustable.
  • ITU standard wavelength adjustable, users can adjust and set the wavelength on the front panel with +or-0.05nm stepping in the range of +or-200GHz (+or-1.6nm), used for network expansion of WDM systems.
  • AGC/MGC mode is selectable; OMI can be optimized.
  • RS232 communicate interface.
  • SNMP network management function.
  • 1+1 power supply back up.
  • Chassis temperature auto-control.

Main Application

  • Used in very-long trunk and distribution networks in large and medium sized cable television system headends. Analogue digital hybrid transmission > 200Km (with dispersion compensation).
    Pure digital transmission (without dispersion compensation) > 400Km, (with dispersion compensation) >700Km.
  • VAS in DWDM fiber CATV system
  • CFG dispersion compensates system.

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