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4.5M Satellite Antennas


The 4.5 meter earth station has a standard elevation-over-azimuth mount, engineered to provide continuous satellite arc coverage from any location in the contiguous United States. Pointing of the antenna is rapid and accurate. Complete 360′ azimuth coverage eliminates required alignment of the foundation to a specific heading, eliminating the possibility of installation errors associated with foundation center lines.


SSE 4.5 Antennas

  • Antenna Diameter: 4.5 Meters (14.8 ft)
  • Reflector Construction: 12 panels, precision stretch stamped steel
  • Mount Type: Elevation-over-azimuth
  • Antenna Travel:
    – Elevation: 0′ to 90′ continuous
    – Azimuth:
  • Manual: 360′
  • Motorized 120′ continuous
  • Polarization Adjustment;
    – Manual: 360′ continuous
    – Motorized: 300′ continuous
  • Two-man installation
  • Tripod and Pier Mounts
  • Elevated Mounts
  • Steerable Options – NAVIGATOR 45-III
  • Multiple-Satellite Feed Systems (Available)
  • Operating Frequencies 3.7 – 4.2 GHz, 5.925 – 6.425 GHz
  • Gain at Midband (Reference to OMT Port) 43.6 dBi minimum @ 4.0 GHz, 46.7 dBi minimum at 6.175 GHz
  • VSWR 1.3:1 maximum
  • Polarization Dual Linear
  • Polarization Adjustment 360′ continuous
  • Cross-Polarized Suppression 35 dB minimum on axis
  • Isolation (Port-to-Port) 35 dB minimum
  • 3 dB Bandwidth (Nominal) 1.1′ @ 4.0 GHz, 0.76′ @ 6.175 GHz
  • First Sidelobe Level -22 dB
  • Antenna Noise Temperature (Referred to OMT port) @ 4.0 GHz, Elevation 40′, Temp 22K

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