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ATSC 8VSB/QAM to ASI-IP Receivers


The 7880DM-VSBQAM series is a complete hardware based solution for demodulating digital terrestrial ATSC/8VSB DTV signals or QAM cable signals. With a modular form-factor, the 7880DM-VSBQAM represents one of the highest density and most flexible solutions in the industry.

Applications include signal reception for cable, DTH and IPTV providers, or any other small to large head-end operators who need to receive and distribute local content. The 7880DM-VSBQAM can provide ASI and IP output, ideal for turnaround, transcoding, transporting, monitoring or other applications where the received signal remains in the compressed domain. For baseband output, the demodulator may be coupled with an Evertz decoder module, providing a full receiver solution.

Monitoring parameters such as MER, BER and packet errors present a convenient solution for broadcasters and cable companies who wish to not only receive, but also remotely monitor signal quality. These parameters as well as full control of the demodulator are relayed over SNMP, for convenient remote access using Evertz’ own VistaLINK PRO SNMP monitoring and control package.


  • Modular design, allowing flexible configurations along with easy system reconfiguration and service
  • Quad 8VSB tuners with tuning capabilities of pre-stored physical channels
  • Up to four units may be mounted in the 7801FR 1RU chassis, capable of receiving 16 signals in 1RU
  • Up to fourteen units may be mounted in the 7800FR 3RU chassis, capable of receiving 56 signals in 3RU
  • Local control panel option available in 1RU frame
  • Remote control panel option available in 3RU frame
  • SMPTE 2022-1 and -2 compliant multiple TSoIP outputs per tuner
  • Signal quality monitoring, including MER, BER and TR101- P1 errors
  • Straight pass through or PID/Service filtering and bandwidth control
  • -IPASI models supports mirrored IP output for downstream path redundancy
  • Control through web-browser or SNMP using third-party application or Evertz own SNMP control and monitoring software
  • Supports on-board Input auto-failover between various inputs including RF/ASI/ or IP inputs
  • Optional IP FEC encoding in output streams (for -IP and -IPASI models)

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