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QoE Monitoring Robots


Witbe QoE Monitoring Robots are an elaborate combination of Hardware and Software—developed by Witbe over the last 15 years—that are able to reproduce any End-User behavior: rent a movie on a VOD storefront; watch live TV and report on the quality of the video; make phone calls across whole countries; send texts and emails to other Robots; log in to Facebook and share an update or to Twitter and tweet; and so much more. In short, a Witbe Robot is a machine that is able to use any Service just like any other End-User would. In more technical terms, a Witbe Robot can be defined as an active, and yet non intrusive and holistic, probe (physical appliance or virtual machine). It is ubiquitous, and yet seamlessly integrable into any infrastructure. It has the capability to perform evolved and complex interactions with any Service, and yet is a breeze to setup.

This Witbe Robots’ capability to control Any Device, in order to interact with Any Service, while being connected to Any Network has been at the core of Witbe’s philosophy since Day 1.


  • Witbe MOS: measure the true audio/video quality of any video stream without referential, using psycho-acoustic/visual analysis
  • Witbe REC: visualize and remotely operate the streams of all your devices on a single screen
  • Plug-and-Play: plug 4 cables, click on 3 buttons, and get rollin’
  • Witbe Smartping: map the bottlenecks of your delivery infrastructure, even in unmanaged networks
  • All-in-one: connect mobile devices, set-top-boxes and web browsers to the same robot

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No changes needed to benefit from best-in-class QoE Video Monitoring!

Witbe is helping hundreds of companies ensure they can continue monitoring their video services — while working remotely — to offer the best QoE to their users!

Behaving like an automated end user, Witbe technology is fully compatible with :

  •  Any kind of transport technology: QAM, IP, ABR, …
  •  Any devices: QAM, IPTV STBs, Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, …
  •  Any traditional QAM or next generation CMS platform: Arris, Cisco, Tivo, MobiTV, Minerva, Espial, Seachange, …

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To grow your business – and your revenue – operators want the Knowledge, Assets and impartial technical guidance only a true Partner can deliver! From HFC and DOCSIS to x-PHYTM; from FTTx – GPON and RFoG to IPTV; from Linear Video to Multi-Screen; MHz best-in-class Technologies and Client Services will meet your goals while exceeding your expectations…

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Too much on your plate?
Not enough hours in your day?

The next time you need, Linear Video or Multi-Screen, MPEG, DOCSIS or x-PHYTM, IP or RF resources to support the operation of Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology products deployed in your HFC or FTTx network, MHz can help!

Choose from a customized package of remote “Fractional Engineering” hours you can use over an extended period of time; or our on-site Integration and Activation Services.

Both can offset your temporary work-load.

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